Three reasons to play video games with kids



Why play video games with kids?
When it comes to video games, most people want to waste their time, neglect their schoolwork, and have no benefit to their children.But Dr Cohen says: "Games are a way for children to explore the world, to communicate feelings that are difficult to express, to be close to people they care about, to deal with stressful situations, and to release emotions.""In other words, if parents can spend time with their children to play video games, the child is not only more secure, more stable, more motivated to learn, and the following three important but easily overlooked benefits."


1. Improve communication skills between parent and child
Donghua University assistant Professor Lin Yishe in "Today with the children play?""If you look closely at the children's game, you will find that they are really not just playing," said the article.When a group of children play together, they have to be able to negotiate and solve problems, young children learn leadership skills from older children and the rules of the game, and older children can learn to communicate with young children.Parents can play with their children at different ages, by discussing the video game with their children, and by allowing them to experience different roles and learn the ability to communicate and solve problems.


2. To promote a relationship with a child
With the power game's plot points, often encounter different challenges and difficulties.If parents play together with their children, they can accumulate so-called revolutionary emotions.In addition, when parents accompany the children to play electric, children can be more easily treated as friends, parents can learn from the game, understand what the child's mind, and further closer to the distance between the child, so that children and parents than there is no sense of estrangement.


3. Teach children right and wrong in the game
Now the network information developed, children are easily exposed to a variety of game content, parents are inevitably worried that children will contact with violent games, and the emergence of antisocial personality and other behavioral biases.The good news is that a visit to violent types of video games does not lead to violent behavior in real life, according to a study by the University of Nottingham, Pennsylvania, and Rutgers University.


Although a parent can have a lot of peace of way, but instead of winning pursuit, spend more time with the children's games, and through the game rich plot set, take the opportunity to discuss the protagonist behavior with the child.In the game "Wonderful Life", the players often have a plot choice, sometimes after the choice of the protagonist Heart will show regret and worry, this is not what we chose the wrong, but the protagonist's inner words will let the player think, so really is right?Parents can take the opportunity to talk to their children about the choice of right and wrong, and whether there is a better choice.With practical examples, children can practice different points of view, and the search for answers is more likely.

The combination of the above three reasons, in fact, parents with the child playing the game process, not just simple entertainment, in addition to strengthen the child's communication skills, but also to strengthen the emotional fetters between parents and children, at the same time enrich the child to see things from the perspective and vision.Did you play games with the kids today?