About the game, we think so …

Today’s mobile phone is very convenient, a key download can play against the world players, friends, not lively.

But the reality is, we only see players in their own room alone, with the server 0, 1 interaction.

Playing the game is a person, in the shutdown after the offline, what else can leave?

Is it a waste of study?Or are you estranged from your family?

Can the game only be the child does not study diligently the performance, or the adult bored to pass the time just?

We are Bai Yi Technology, but also senior gamers.

The game is not just a killing and entertainment, it can also change the world.

So we are committed to the practice of gaming,

Hope through our efforts, let you from the “heart” feeling, the game can bring you the most sincere happy moment.

About the game, we do it …

Games can be a good motivation for people.Help people to develop habits of perseverance.

If this merit can be applied to educational learning rather than entertainment, then people will not have to worry about the growing addiction problem.

So we tried to “learn to play”, so we developed igame.

This game works with the set-top box manufacturer, and even becomes the designated software for the “Taipei Excellent Art Education” competition.

To help the child review the questions with an interesting competition, although success has aroused the interest of children, we always feel that there is something wrong.

After all, “learning to play” is not simply to make the exam interesting.

So we think again seriously, who can we help?How can we help people?

Thank God, we met the Lu Zhongyi teacher of functional therapy,

I have found that a group of children need to be trained in games to help them increase their focus and improve their learning efficiency.

Although we were a layman in the sense of integration, we really wanted to help the group of children.

So we do not hesitate to invest in spirit and time, after two years to constantly modify the actual interaction with the scene.

We finally got the initial results and finished the “smart kid playing-animal party” work.

Although this is only a small step, but we hope that we can give more people into the “learning to play” change.