You don’t know the four benefits of playing a game

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Playing games benefits a lot

Modern life can be played everywhere, especially with a mobile phone.No matter in the bus, MRT, trains, airplanes can play, and as the electricity competition more and more popular, began to play the game more and more people, can be seen that the game is no longer just a ring of entertainment, playing games for modern people is also a lot of help.What’s the good of playing games for us?The following will be analyzed and introduced.

1, enhance the reaction force

Researchers at the University of Rochester in the United States found that the response time to the test was 10% faster in the subjects after the play.The picture in the game stimulates the visual response of the eye, the thing that the eye sees is transmitted to the brain to stimulate the thought reaction, and then the action of the game makes the instruction to stimulate the hand reaction.This is to train the eye to the hands of the use, but also training to the thoughts of rapid response ability.For example: When playing a shooting game, when you hear the sound of footsteps, real-time awareness of someone approaching, at this time the brain will immediately respond to the response.

2, improve the ability to solve problems

Games often need to repeat the exploration, trial and error, from the failure of learning to explore the way to pass.Like “The Dark Soul”, this is known as one of the most difficult games in history, the game with high degree of freedom as the main selling point.If the players want to smooth customs clearance, only through continuous failure to find out the possible action strategy, or to think in which link whether or not to omit any clues.Through constantly try new play, find out the devil’s weakness in the game smooth customs clearance.

3. Play Creative

Game is the best way to cultivate children’s creativity, and now many games, like the building blocks of freedom is very high, can create whatever they want.Like “Minecraft (when a creator of the world)”, allows the player to create the heart of the building, there are games have a cabin decoration function, so that players display a unique cabin, the role of creating a lot of details can be adjusted to create a perfect role in mind.At this time, parents as long as the timely encouragement of children, so that he is more motivated to create, but also to give children a hint, so that his creativity more enlightening, further play.

4, express the pressure to relax the mood

For many people, playing the game is no doubt to express stress, relax the spirit of mind, to avoid too much stress and cause anxiety.”Endless Ocean” this game can be deep into the African savannah or underwater world, to see the rare scenery.Marvel at the greatness of the creator while in the play, and eliminate the stress.The report in the journal American Psychology (Anglo psychologist) also mentions that games are an effective tool for recovering from setbacks.

The game will continue to stimulate our brain, Harvard Medical School researcher “Pasco.”The study found that the human brain is “malleable”.This means that our brains are able to increase responsiveness, creativity and problem solving through exercise, whereas if too little is used, it can cause brain degeneration and slow reaction.For modern people with a lot of pressure, a game of relief can help us get back on our feet from setbacks.Since playing the game benefits so much, do not hurry to enjoy these benefits!