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     Number Game Party

Game Introduction:

Number Game party for Bai Yi Technology (gugame) and carry the game (Keitai) The innovative concept of cooperation, play the continuation of number Game rule, the background is blue, then select the largest numbers, background, such as red to select the smallest number.

And the number Game party is called as a side, because support local network online, up to four people can play at the same time.Players can use the phone as a remote control, similar to the Wii Remote operation, through the television and other large size screen to battle.

Because the rules of the game are simple enough for the whole family to enjoy, whether it is to help children learn to count, or to assist the elderly to train their brains, is a good entertainment option.

Rules of the game:

Find a number game.The background is blue, the largest number is found, and the background is red to find the smallest number.

Operation mode:

According to the number in the TV screen on the top, down, left, right and so on, on the phone in order to move up, down, left and right to make a choice.

Game features:

1. The rules are simple and interesting, and the family is suitable for all ages.

2, can support 4 people in the local area network real-time battle.

3, similar to the Wii Remote way, the phone as a remote control.

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   Smart kids play like this-animal parties Animal Party

Game Introduction:

Animal Party and Taiwan’s leading functional therapists-Lu Zhongyi teachers, the two sides spent more than a year trying to find the best ratio of integrated medical theory to game design, and the production team was touring the area to show their children, looking to help children develop normally, such as stunted growth, attention deficit, hyperactivity, autism, and so on.

Animal Party for Children and junior children design, a total of 25 games, each of the games behind the design theory support, may be testing the child’s color, shape recognition, or test the size of the figure, order, and memory and reaction force detection.It can help the therapist understand the child’s logical thinking, writing status and concentration.Parents can also download it for free, allowing their children to practise at home, with increased focus, memory, reflexes, logical thinking and social skills.

Game mode:

Each test will randomly appear five games, according to the question needs to answer.After the completion of the answer will be based on the correct degree and speed analysis.

Game features:

1, the combination of game design and functional treatment, strengthen the ability of children to use the brain.

2, according to the test results can analyze the direction that the child needs to strengthen, help parents to find the child’s talent.

3, the game kind of rich fun, children are willing to try.The content is beneficial to the child, and the rhythm is easy to break rest, parents can identify, suitable for parent-child accompanied by a good game.

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